Q 1.      How can I access my Stockkosh purchase?

Ans 1.  The access to Stockkosh will be provided to you on the email i.d from which you bought StockKosh.

            > Open the mail with the name "Reshu Singhal"

            > It will give you the link to change your password. Click on that link and change your password.

            > As soon as you change your password, you will be redirected to a login page. Login with your email i.d and changed password.

            > You will get inside the portal

Q 2.      How can I change my password?

Ans 2.  Incase you want to change your password -

             > Just click on the "forgot password" option in the login page.

             > It will ask for an email i.d, enter your email i.d 

             > You will receive the password recovery email, click on that and follow all the instructions.

             > Your password will be changed.

Q 3.     Can I preview the stock provided by StockKosh?

Ans 3.  Yes. You can preview the stock provided by StockKosh.

             > When you click on the link to access your purchase, you are redirected to google drive.

             > At the top of google drive you have the option of previewing the data. See in the link - https://prnt.sc/kfyxq2

             > Click on it, you will be able to preview the data.  

Q 4.     Where do I get access to all the data of StockKosh?

Ans 4.  All the data of StockKosh has been uploaded on Google drive and the link of all the folders are shared with you.

             You can access the data from the Google drive.

Q 5.      Is the data segregated in different niches?

Ans 5.  Yes. The data is segregated according to the different niches so that you can easily access the data of your preferred category/niche.

Q 6.     Do I have to download the whole folder to use one image/video/audio/graphic/icon ?

Ans 6. No. You do not have to download the whole folder to use just one image/video/audio/graphic/icon. 

            Simple download the single image that you want to use.

Q7.       Any training Video?

Ans 7.   Sure. Please watch the demo video of StockKosh here -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xECuR2iF25A

Q8.      Are there any membership levels of StockKosh purchase?

Ans 8.  Yes! StockKosh has 3 Membership Levels.

             Here are the details:

             StockKosh Premium:

             1. 35,000 Royalty Free HD Images


              2. Fast Action Bonuses


               => 97 Animated Icons

               => 713 Transparent Pngs

               => 231 No Background People Images

               => 100 Video Footage

               => 341 Video Assets

              3. Early Bird Bonus of 3000 Images

               Link - http://stockkosh.com/live/


               StockKosh Advantage Plus:


             1. 3,500+ 4K Ultra HD Video Footages


             2. 700+ HD Video Backgrounds

             3. 1,500+ Stock Audios

             4. 10,000+ Ultra HD Images
                (Limited Time Bonus)

            Link - http://stockkosh.com/advantageplus/

              StockKosh Ninja:

           1.  50,000+ HD Images


           2. 10,000+ Vectors

          3. 8,000+ Animated Graphics


          4. 314 Cinemagraphs

          5. 2,700 HQ Clipart

          Link - http://stockkosh.com/ninja/